Saturday, 27 December 2014

Trail Rating - an amateur's perspective

I am going to rate trails mainly around Gauteng because I live in Johannesburg.  I am an amateur so I am going to do this rating from my perspective at times giving my intermediate husband, Michael's feedback as well.

Ratings will be from 1-10.  1 being low and 10 being excellent.

The following will be criteria:

The venue:
Children:  I have a 8 year old niece, she cycles with us regularly so I will be also rating on what is available for children.
Facilities:  Toilets, showers, place to eat.
Accessibility:  How easy or difficult is it to get to the trail.
Cost:  Is your pocket being emptied going to this trail?

The trail itself:
Safety:  How secure do I feel on this trail?
Traffic Safety:  Are there any dangerous roads to cross?
Obstacles:  Such as pedestrians, dogs and cattle.
Hill climbing:

Have I left anything out?  I would appreciate feedback.

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